Reportable Conduct Scheme

Employment-related child protection

The ACT has introduced a reportable conduct scheme to oversee how organisations prevent and respond to allegations of child abuse and misconduct. The scheme commenced on 1 July 2017.

Certain employers who work with children are covered by the scheme and will need to report to the ACT Ombudsman. Broadly, ‘reportable conduct’ covers allegations or convictions of child abuse or misconduct toward children.

The reportable conduct scheme does not interfere with reporting obligations to ACT Policing or Child and Youth Protection Services (CYPS).  If employers suspect criminal conduct has occurred, they should report to police in the first instance.

Amendments to the reportable conduct scheme

The Chief Minister presented a Bill to the Assembly which was passed on 30 November.

The changes to the scheme are now effective. These include:

  • an explicit requirement for entities to have practices and procedures to deal with reportable conduct and information-handling
  • allowing an entity to proactively share information with another entity
  • clearer information sharing provisions between child protection and other oversight or regulatory bodies
  • a broadening of the definition of employee, to include individuals within another entity providing services to children for a designated entity (i.e. the employee of a contracted firm)
  • changes to the scope of the health services sector covered by the scheme.

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