What we can help with

If you think an ACT Government agency has been unfair or done something wrong we might be able to help you.

The Ombudsman investigates complaints about ACT Government agencies.

Common complaint areas:

We can also look at complaints about:

For more information about what we can do as an Ombudsman and other specialist functions that we provide – see What we do?

What we cannot do

The ACT Ombudsman cannot investigate complaints about:

  • ACT government ministers or politicians
  • Commonwealth government agencies such as Centrelink
  • decisions of courts and tribunals
  • disability services
  • health services
  • private individuals
  • public service employment
  • services for children and young people
  • services for older people.

For complaints about the environment, health and disability services, services for children and young people and services for older people there are special ACT commissioners who can help you. Links to these commissioners and other complaint handling agencies are available on our page Who else can help.

For complaints about Australian Government agencies see the Commonwealth Ombudsman website.