Inspector of the ACT Integrity Commission

The ACT Ombudsman is the Inspector of the ACT Integrity Commission (the Inspector). The Inspector is an independent role created under the Integrity Commission Act 2018 (the Act).

The Inspector’s role and functions include:

  • receiving, investigating and assessing complaints about the ACT Integrity Commission (the Commission) and Commission staff
  • assessing and reporting on the Commission’s compliance with the Act
  • making recommendations to the Commission, or to public sector entities, about practices and procedures related to functions performed under the Act.

Making a complaint to the Inspector

The Inspector can receive, assess and investigate complaints about the ACT Integrity Commission and its staff.

Any person can make a complaint to the Inspector about:

  • the Commission’s operations
  • action by Commission staff (something you think they should not have done)
  • inaction by Commission staff (something you think they should have done).

How do I make a complaint?

The easiest way to make a complaint is to complete the Inspector Complaint Form. This will give us an accurate record of your concerns and you can attach supporting documents if you want to. If you have difficulty completing the form, please call us on (02) 5117 3650 to discuss. You can also email your complaint to the Inspector at

Please do not use the 'make a complaint' button at the top of this page. This will link you to the ACT Ombudsman complain form, which cannot be used to make a complaint relevant to the ACT Integrity Commission.

If you make a complaint by email, please include:

  • your name
  • your telephone number
  • a detailed description of the issue.

Note - If you wish to make an anonymous complainant, you are not required to provide identifying details, such as your name.

How we handle your complaint

After we receive your complaint, we:

  • will consider whether we are the appropriate body to receive and investigate your concerns
  • may make enquiries about your concerns
  • will assess your complaint and consider how to deal with your concerns, which may include an investigation or another action
  • will write to you within two weeks of completing our assessment and making our decision to tell you the outcome
  • if appropriate, we may refer your concerns to another organisation (such as ACT Policing).

For information about our approach to dealing with your complaint, see our complaints handling policy.

What if I disagree with the Inspector’s decision about my complaint?

If you disagree with our final decision about your complaint, you can ask us to review it.

A request for a review should be made in writing within three months of being told of our decision. You must outline why you believe we have reached the wrong decision.

We will only review a matter once.

More information

Below are links to material about the Inspector. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can contact us on (02) 5117 3650 or by email at

Information about the ACT Integrity Commission

The ACT Integrity Commission (the Commission) is an independent body with the power to investigate allegations of corrupt conduct in the ACT public sector. If you would like more information about the Commission or would like to lodge a report of corrupt conduct, please visit the Commission’s website.

The Commission:

  • investigates or deals with allegations of corrupt conduct in the ACT public sector, with a focus on serious and/or systemic corrupt conduct
  • refers allegations of criminality or wrongdoing to the appropriate authorities
  • publishes information about their investigations and findings
  • ensures people who report wrongdoing are protected and treated fairly
  • aims to increase public confidence in the ACT Legislative Assembly and ACT public sector.