ACT Policing oversight

The Ombudsman is able to investigate complaints made about ACT Policing.

We are also responsible for undertaking monitoring activities and inspecting ACT Policing records. This includes inspecting records of ACT Policing’s use of certain covert and intrusive powers under ACT legislation. ACT Policing uses these legislative powers to enable its officers to conduct these types of activities lawfully.

The Ombudsman oversees use of the following covert powers:

  • surveillance devices such as listening devices and tracking devices
  • controlled operations which police use to get evidence that may lead to the prosecution of a person
  • assumed identities which police use for intelligence gathering in relation to criminal activity.

We report the results of our inspections of ACT Policing records in our annual report.

Child sex offenders register

The Ombudsman also monitors ACT Policing’s management of the ACT’s Child Sex Offenders Register (the register). Only the Chief Police Officer of ACT Policing and other people authorised by the Chief may have access to the register.

The Ombudsman provides the Minister for Police and Emergency Services with a written report about the results of our inspection. A summary of the results is published in our annual report.